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ABT Human Factors AAABT

Complicated and stressful situations can occur at home, in the workplace, in relationships or in your own mind, when clarity of thought and rationality block a clear way forward or out of any given situation we help find that way. In any of those situations, it is our ‘human factor’ that often creates the problem and it is also the ‘human factor’ that can resolve it.

At ABT we work with our clients to find, understand and work with their ‘human factor’ whether it is a personal anxiety, a boardroom blockage, panic attacks, addiction or management issues within the workplace. By understanding how we as humans see the world and how we can learn to see it differently, we work towards a pragmatic solution to our clients need. A blend of therapeutic and management skills acquired over many years allows us at ABT to find the perfect match between our client's needs and a highly appointed and well-qualified professional to work together to achieve the outcome that our clients long for.


Behave your way forward

Behave your way out of those habits holding you back from who and where you want to be. More…

Axing your Addictions

An 8 week course devoted solely to axing your anxiety and ditching your depression. More

Dissolving your Depression

56 days is all it takes to get your depression understood and be working your way out of it. More…

Regain control of your anxiety and behaviours

Anxiety is not a new phenomenon but it is a growing problem in the 21st century. From young children through to the elderly there is no distinction between age, gender, sexuality creed or religion. Once anxiety takes hold it can hold you back and put a stop on your life and all that you want to do. It dominates and drastically reduces your quality of life.

ABT take the view that like all problems in life there is a way to resolve it and we approach anxiety in a pragmatic way looking to release the client of the anxiety itself and the causes of it.  More…


Adolescent Behaviour Therapy

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks are frequently first experienced during adolescence. Often this can be misdiagnosed as having a troublesome teenager and that it is ‘just a phase’.

Adolescent behaviour can be seen as isolating and angry and much of this can be put down to age and hormones. However, with an increasing number of teenagers, anxiety can take a hold and cause great distress to them and to those that love them. It can incapacitate their learning and their communication, destroy their social life and make them cut off, fearful and alone.  More…


Addiction Behavioural Therapies

If you have an addiction, you’re not alone – one in three of us are addicted to something.
We recognise that addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behaviour or substance which over time can take control and severely reduce quality of life, relative to each individual. More..


  • Alcohol
  • Drugs & Substance Abuse
  • Gambling  
  • Sex & Love
  • Pornography

More about addition therapies >>>


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