Adolescent Behaviour Therapy

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks are frequently first experienced during adolescence. Often this can be misdiagnosed as having a troublesome teenager and that it is ‘just a phase’.

Adolescent behaviour can be seen as isolating and angry and much of this can be put down to age and hormones. However, with an increasing number of teenagers, anxiety can take a hold and cause great distress to them and to those that love them. It can incapacitate their learning and their communication, destroy their social life and make them cut off, fearful and alone.

With the unprecedented pressures of social media and self- consciousness pre-teens and teenagers often feel remote and very unsure of themselves and the world around them.

At ABT we work with young people and help them realise that they can take back control of their lives. With an intense course of eight weeks of therapy we aim to shift the negativity and give back to the child the freedom of growth that should be theirs. With a combination of practical exercises and therapeutic understanding our success rate is high.

A combination of Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can and does strike a balance of being pragmatic and understanding.