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Am I over-thinking stuff?

Over-thinking is common among those of us who consider ourselves to be anxious, or a perfectionist. Over-thinking can become obsessive thinking or ruminating. Those of us who overthink feel like we just can’t switch off our brains. We may be constantly questioning, double checking, second guessing, evaluating and re-evaluating. Maybe we do this so much that we enter the mindset of  “analysis paralysis”, and as a result suffer from the inability to make a decision. The image on this page points out a couple of behaviours that may confirm if you too are an over-thinker. (If you cant see the image, the text is at the bottom of the page) 

As over-thinkers we will spend wasteful amounts of time trying to make decisions. In the end,we may be afraid to make a decision, or second guess, make the wrong decision and regret it later.

In order to avoid this, because we are worrying, anxious and over-thinking stuff we look for help from other in making the decision. This may simply be asking for some advice & guidance, or may even be handing the whole thing over to someone else to make the decision for us. over-thinkers often defer to someone else to make decisions. Its easier, less worrisome, less threatening to get someone else to make the decision.

For those of us who find it difficult to get to sleep, especially if we are suffering from insomnia, often it is over-thing and not being able to switch off which is to blame. Its difficult when your mind is in hyper-drive, excited, worried, trying to work things out that we find it so difficult to switch off, relax and sleep – and that lack of sleep causes more problems.

Perfectionists often tend to be over-thinkers, never happy, never satisfied, always wanting to make it that little bit better. Perfectionists want everything to be perfect, and leads to worry about not being so in everything they do in case it is not good enough and they are inadequate which in turns leads to feelings of inadequacy in themselves. It makes sense as they are concerned about being, doing, and choosing perfectly.

Over-thinking is:

  • causing us anxiety
  • wasting time
  • stopping us relaxing, even sleeping
  • stopping us making decisions.

Often any decision, even the wrong decision, is better than no decision at all

(in case you cant see the slide on this page, the text is below)

Next steps

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The slide text

Am I over-thinking stuff?

I’m second guessing things
I’m double-checking
I’m worried about things not being perfect
I’m analysing too much
I keep expecting the worse
I can’t switch off – can’t sleep
I’m afraid to make a decision
I ask someone else to make the decision
I keep having regrets
I wish i had made different choices
I wish I had done things differently
I keep hanging onto things
I can’t let go
I take things the wrong way
I take things personally
I’m being a perfectionist.
I keep criticising myself
I sometimes feel tense
I tend to worry too much
I avoid making decisions
I avoid doing stuff
I don’t get things done