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Anxiety & Alcohol Coctail

Do anxiety, stress and alcohol make a good cocktail?

As soon as we get to the airport at whatever time we get there, we as Brits often start to drink alcohol. Sup our first vodka and red bull, guzzle a Pinot or down a pint. Sadly its as British as sun burn and pies.

Often we forget the impact that two weeks of binge drinking has on our mental health, our judgement and actually even our enjoyment. People that are prone to anxiety should actually avoid drinking in excess, in fact they should avoid it altogether, it makes you MORE anxious. Ironic but true.

Here are four reasons why we should temper our drinking, trust me I love a drink too, but drinking too much over a short period of time is seriously bad for your head, and I don’t just mean a hangover.

  1. The feel good chemical in your brain, Serotonin is often depleted by alcohol and can make your mood lower. Alcohol is a depressant.
  2. A drop in blood sugar can often cause anxiety because it can cause confusion and dizziness.
  3. The nervous system is effected by dehydration which in turn can lead to being tired but not being able to sleep. Add this to nausea and dizziness and you have a perfect formula for anxiety.
  4. Alcohol can and does cause heart palpitations and in some circumstances can increase someone’s concerns around heart conditions or even heart attacks, the what if? Causes great anxiety.

So, should people with anxiety disorder never drink alcohol? I would not go that far. However moderation is a good place to be for all of us but especially if you already suffer from anxiety.

But what, I hear you ask if I drink and then feel less anxious? It’s a paradox… However the truth is that if we drink to numb our nerves or our emotion, it could lead us to becoming alcohol dependant or even alcoholic. Remember that although alcohol is a very large part of our society, there is no question that if it was invented today it would be banned and become a class A drug.

Its good to keep that in mind on the way to Gatwick.