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Anxiety in men

We know that men of all ages suffer with anxiety. Some men are not aware of it and many men try to ignore it. Those who are aware of it feel trapped not knowing what to do and fear showing weakness or worse, vulnerability.

The behaviour maybe showing itself as OCD or perhaps a more generalised anxiety or GAD it may be caused a sudden unexpected change or a sharp increase in phobia’s.

What can they do?

The chances are if you suffer from anxiety or depression and you are under 35 you could reach out on social media. There are numerous groups offering understanding and support on social media but you have to be very comfortable in that environment.

What then for the older man, not brought up with all things public and still often with the very destructive lack of self care or awareness of his generation?

He must do something and do it fast. Talking, sharing, allowing verbal intimacy is actually the best he can do. Its imperative that he finds a place of trust and safety. Leaving it is not an option. The health risks are completely avoidable if you talk to a professional.

Next steps

We would like to hear from you and share with you our simple solutions for “axing your anxieties”. These include:

  • putting a simple plan of action together for you to work through on your own or with support
  • daily, weekly or however often you wish, conversations so that you are not dealing with this on your own
  • sharing information advice and guidance with you
  • a 56 day journey, completed online and with telephone “tutorials”
  • one of our Journals, for example the Habit Journal.

Honestly – get in touch for a chat. We’re completely independent, impartial and confidential, qualified in what we do, and enjoy working with individuals, and sometimes even groups and teams on how to get you from where yo are now to who and where you want to be.

I would personally like to hear from you and deal with any questions or thoughts you might have.  


My details are at the bottom of the page.