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Anxiety and Behaviour

Regain control of your anxiety and behaviours

Anxiety is not a new phenomenon but it is a growing problem in the 21st century. From young children through to the elderly there is no distinction between age, gender, sexuality creed or religion. Once anxiety takes hold it can hold you back and put a stop on your life and all that you want to do. It dominates and drastically reduces your quality of life.

ABT take the view that like all problems in life there is a way to resolve it and we approach anxiety in a pragmatic way looking to release the client of the anxiety itself and the causes of it.

By engaging with ABT you have taken the first really important step into regaining control of your life and your anxiety, make no mistake you can regain control.
We work with a combination of therapies, as no two people are the same, and this, in turn, teaches you that you already have some control. We work for a set period of time and offer focused solutions to a disabling condition. We work in collaboration with you and build a long term strategy for your life ahead.

Anxiety sufferers frequently have intense and persistent worries about everyday situations have specific concerns over a traumatic situation that has passed or one that has yet to be. Sometimes these intense thoughts can turn to panic attacks.
There may be a specific reason for your anxiety but frequently what would be the main showing anxiety would be generalised anxiety or GAD (Generalised anxiety disorder) Some of your symptoms may be:

  • Being very restless
  • Having a constant feeling of dread
  • Always being on edge
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Being short tempered or irritable

You may also feel physically unwell, unable to breathe and stomach problems. All of this is a normal occurrence with anxiety along with sweating and feeling sick.