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Courses & Programmes

Being stuck in a depressive or addictive cycle of behaviour can be devastating for you and those around you, which is why we have designed these courses to help you change that cycle, to change those habits that keep you stuck where you are.

Habits or regular behaviours can keep us trapped in a cycle of depression, anxiety and even addiction.

During your course, we examine your behaviours and habits together, help you understand the power of them and how they may be impacting on your ability to move forward.

By deconstructing and rebuilding your habits we enable a new regime to begin to take over your behaviour and the consequences of it. During the whole process, you will be gaining increasing amounts of measurable control in such a way that enhances your understanding of how much more control you are gaining every week. This, in turn, multiplies the speed and power of you taking back control of your life.

You have a number of choices for each area of concern to help you get to the place and position you want to be. Either:

  • One-to-one counselling and therapy, either face-to-face, in person, or online via Skype or voice-only over the phone
  • One of our 8-week intensive courses, each with a slightly different emphasis. These courses can be conducted online or in person to suit your preferences. More
  • A practical guidebook and workbook to complete yourself in your own time with or without regular reviews by phone or email from your course leader

All of these courses include access to the private, confidential peer support forum online. The forum includes:

  • A library of downloadable resources, checklists, self-assessments, worksheets, advice & guidance, fact-sheets and e-books.
  • Direct messaging with fellow peers to communicate, collaborate and share stories and solutions. Get support from and even give support to your fellow peers.
  • A number of subject specific groups within the forum so you can focus on what areas you want to improve in.

On completion of your course, you can choose to remain part of our this peer support community, continue to access the resources, and help yourself improve further, often by helping your fellow peers. We know from personal experience just how powerful and beneficial peer support is together with access to professional advice and guidance when desired or needed.