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Habits at the Waterfont Club Breakfast

Excellent talk by Richard on “Habits and Feeder Habits” to a room full of people with heads nodding in agreement at the Lake Yard Waterfront Club Business Breakfast on 3rd October.

Richard used pages from the book to explain how we need to recognise and understand what our feeder habits are in order to be able to make a change to our habits and turn them to our advantage. Rather than use a flip chart to look at some of the audiences habits, Richard instead got the audience to anonymously write down and pass forward one habit that was causing them to procrastinate. Going through the list yielded some very interesting and sometimes funny insights into the little things that we need to get hold of to make us switch off from procrastinating.

Richard also touched on Habit Triangles, but being a substantial topic in itself, that was left for another day in the future.

Thank you for all the great feedback from our guests who all want invitations to the 2nd edition local launch party.