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Journaling… why?

Journaling is often associated with self improvement and introspection, an exercise or time out to study what is going on inside your mind and a way to keep track of the journey we have taken to date.

Is this however a little bit of a hoax?

Is it a form of procrastination?

Is it perhaps just a way of slowing your thoughts down in the madness that is the 21st century, an indulgence of the self in a world that takes self gratification and self importance to  stratospheric proportions?

Well, yes and no.

There is no doubt that the sense of clarity that you can enjoy from this relatively low form of self analysis has a lot to say for itself and a little ‘out’ time does no one any harm, but really, is that it? Is that all it does?

(This is the no bit) No – It can do so much more. It can act as a catalyst for change, a multiplier of transformation and a route map to your chosen destination, but only if the accompanying guidance and goals (if there are any) are clear. It’s a very useful tool within the tool box to the sort after answer, not the answer itself.

Yes (you know what bit this is) If journaling if its not treated with the care and professionalism that it richly deserves then potentially its no better than some yellow stickies with reminder notes. stuck on the fridge door.

Over the coming weeks we will explain the way that this remarkable tool can be utilised as a part, albeit large part of the solution..

In the meantime consider these next steps…

Next steps

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