Long term effects of anxiety post violent trauma

The impact of violent trauma can often be long-term anxiety and panic attacks.

Children and young people are particularly vulnerable to this as they have less life experience to combat it with. Once the initial shock has passed and if the post-traumatic stress is dealt with professionally and carefully people could still be left with a level of anxiety that is potentially life-changing.

This is most likely to be in the form of GAD or General Anxiety Disorder. This is when there may be no one thing that triggers the anxiety attacks but could easily fall into primary and secondary triggers.

In many cases it will affect work or school, individuals become withdrawn and angry and the onset of depression and even self-harm can in extreme cases, be inevitable.

The good news is that with professional help it is something that can be beaten. Through specific therapies and sometimes an intensive and pragmatic schedule, solutions to the debilitating disorder can be found. Working closely with the individuals concerned the therapist initially helps the client to firstly recognise that they can control the anxiety and not have the anxiety control them. Then through careful detailed work, the client finds a way to firstly manage and then control the anxiety.

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