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The stress of school summer holidays

More than half of mums recently surveyed by a popular health app, “Anamaya”, say that their stress and anxiety levels increase dramatically during the long summer holidays. Long bouts of anxiety as well as more frequent stress often manifests itself in weight gain and constant tiredness. The financial burden, which appears to keep going up dramatically year on year, is often the biggest villain.

Increased binge drinking and constant arguments with their partners combines with a lack of self wellbeing and personal care. Work has less commitment and relationships falter in the office as child care and activities take over.

All of this then creates its own level of expectation and indeed dread for a significant number of mums around the country.
However bosses, at least enlightened ones, are beginning to respond and offer help in flexi-time and facilities to help out those mums that have the world on their shoulders during these ‘summer’ weeks.

The long term effect of course can be very damaging, to relationships, to health and to finances, it can lead to long term anxiety and even depression.

So what can mums do?

Its important to remember that even in the chaos that is the summer ‘break’ that mum should try to find some time, perhaps practice for just a few minutes a day some mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques.

It wont solve all of the pressures but it may just give you the ability to choose how to respond to all of those daily demands from your lovely little ones!

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