Resources and Tools

This page contains a snapshot of some of the resources that live within our walled garden, our peer and professional support forum, in addition to the direct messaging, group messaging and forums.


  • The things you can do to feel happier straight away
  • Are you strong enough not to lose your temper
  • I feel like I can't be bothered doing anything
  • I feel so bad I can't go on
  • I believe I'm not good enough
  • How i can fix almost anything in my head
  • What are the things I keep doing that mess me up
  • Why do I keep feeling so bad - how do I change this around
  • Why does everything keep going wrong - what can I do about it
  • I need a job that gets me excited
  • Overcoming depression and low moods
  • The 3 F's formula to axe your anxiety and wash away your worries


These guides are written by medical and mental health professionals, counsellors, therapists, and supporting peers with lived experience

  • Why a lack of sleep is bad for you
  • Why you might be feeling tired all the time
  • Sleep problems
  • Identifying addictions - Its  not all smoking, drugs, gambling and alcohol!
  • Habit journaling - the most powerful weapon at your disposal
  • ACT: Anxiety Control Training

Discussion groups

These groups allow those interested in the same subject to group message and direct message each other within the same area of interest. Each group has subject specific pages and resources. The groups currently include:

  • 8 week courses/programmes support groups
  • Reclaim your life in 6 weeks course support group
  • Habits & behaviours
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Addictions
  • Adolescence
  • Coaching and mentoring


These templates can be downloaded and printed off to create your own resources.

  • Planners
  • Self assessment
  • Reviews
  • Journaling
  • Worksheets

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